During my final year in the sixth form, Fiona Gould, the learning support co-ordinator of the school decided she wanted me to be interviewed for a  video, which would be shown at an up-coming teacher training meeting at the Lodge Hill Centre, in West Sussex. A half hour DVD interview was produced at the school in February 2001, with contributions from my Mother.

By 2005, Fiona Gould had left the school and was working as head of the Social Communication Team at West Sussex County Council, a role that involved advising teachers about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. At this time it was suggested that a professionally produced DVD be made in place of the video produced at the school. An updated DVD, entitled Understanding Christopher: An Insight into the challenges that can face a young person growing up with Asperger Syndrome was produced in January 2006, with contributions from my Mother. This DVD was again shown at Lodge Hill the following month.

Since that time, Fiona Gould has been showing Understanding Christopher to concerned parents and teachers, and the DVD has been shown to groups elsewhere locally.

A 3 minute preview of Understanding Christopher can be viewed below. Click Here to order a copy of the DVD.

Talks Arising from the DVD

On a number of occasions since the making of Understanding Christopher I have been asked to speak and answer questions on the issues discussed in the film. I spoke to staff at the Orchards Middle School in March 2006, and to special needs staff at The Angmering School in November 2006.

In March 2007, I spoke at the Southern Area Professional Centre, in Worthing, for a training meeting for teachers, answering questions arising from the video.

Fiona Gould retired as head of the Social Communication Team in 2008 and was succeeded by Rachel McDonald-Taylor. In March 2009 I was invited by Rachel McDonald-Taylor to speak for half an hour at the Autism Aware Award as part of the course, answering questions on issues arising from the video. The Autism Aware Award is a course for teachers, which allows their schools to recieve an award for awareness of autism. I spoke again for the Autism Aware Award in 2010 and 2011.

During 2011 I have also presented talks to parents and to people employed in social services, with a focus on more of the social issues involved with Asperger’s Syndrome.

On each occasion my talks have been well recieved, with very good feedback arising from them. Listeners have informed me that my message, which comes my from personal experience, has been explained clearly, that the information provided was helpful, and that people have enjoyed listening to my talks. Therefore it is my hope that I can continue and expand upon my speaking engagements.

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