We were very fortunate that Christopher came to Wales and helped us to launch Newport’s Autism Awareness Day. He speaks with passion about living with Asperger’s and the challenges he has faced and managed to overcome.
Nicola Davies, Parent Participation Officer, Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations

I run the Autism Aware Award in West Sussex. As part of the Award, our students need to have watched and analysed the DVD Understanding Christopher. They then have an opportunity to meet Christopher and ask him questions about his life, both in school and as an adult. This session is always fantastic, the Head teachers and SENCos we work with are amazed by Christopher’s ability to reflect on his experiences and provide a unique insight into his condition, which they are then able to apply to their work in schools. It is a real pleasure to work with Christopher, and I would fully recommend him to you both as an inspirational speaker, and as an adviser to practitioners in schools.
Rachel McDonald-Taylor, Former Associate Advisor, Social Communication Team, West Sussex County Council

Christopher Woodward continues to be a motivational componant of our Autism Aware Award. All the students this year found his talk and answers to their questions inspirational. The content of his talk, as always, was very relevant and informative to the students who are Head Teachers, SENCOs, Teachers and Learning Support Assistants. They found him “entertaining and extremely easy to listen to”. I would highly recommend Christopher as a knowledgeable, motivating and entertaining speaker.
Helen Cottell, Associate Advisor, Social Communication Team, West Sussex County Council

Christopher came and delivered a training course for my staff team and staff from several other support services. His session was informative, engaging and fascinating. Chris’s experience and depth of knowledge coupled with his sense of humour about his Aspergers provided a deeply compelling and educative mix. I can very highly recommend him.
John Richards, Services Manager, Phoenix Project

Real eye opener tonight. Thanks for getting someone in who really knows what it’s like. Feeling like I’m starting to understand difficulties a bit more.
Rosemary H

It was a fascinating window into Aspergers and will benefit the work the volunteers do.
Doreen B

I found Christopher efficient, focused, conscientious and knowledgeable. He provided me with examples of difficulties and some strategies to overcome them. Christopher provided a professional consultation service to me and I would recommend him to anyone who needs to know more about Asperger’s Syndrome. Thank you Christopher.
Zoe S