Are you looking to discover the best ways to help a person with Asperger’s Syndrome overcome their social difficulties, improve their communication skills, learn to make friends, and succeed socially?

My social struggles over the years have resulted in me not only analysing the difficulties involved in social interaction for the person with Asperger’s, but through a combination of my personal efforts to succeed and coaching, I have learned to develop my social communication skills to become socially competent and successful, despite having Asperger’s Syndrome.

I am convinced that there is nothing that is impossible or ‘off limits’ to a person with Asperger’s, and that such people, if they truly want it, are capable of succeeding socially, not merely ‘getting by’ in the social sense. The key principle here is in understanding the ways that people who are naturally skilled socially interact, and the communication skills they unwittingly employ, and teaching these things to people with Asperger’s. This is not about changing anyone’s personality, but helping people develop a broader range of communication skills they can use where appropriate.

However in order for a person with Asperger’s to succeed socially, they must be someone who really wants social success and is willing to learn. This will not work for anyone who is forced onto a social skills training programme.

I am available to speak any group that is interested in this area of Asperger’s support, including people on the spectrum themselves. I am able to reveal the best ways to help people with Asperger’s succeed socially, and explain the communications skills they need to understand. If you wish to invite me to speak, please contact me with the details of your organisation and let me know what you would like me to speak on or the questions you would like me to answer. I look forward to meeting you.