Do you work in any type of social or care services and wish to know how best to support current and future clients with Asperger’s Syndrome?

One of the major difficulties people with Asperger’s Syndrome face is that of social communication, including the ability to read body language and non-verbal signals and in general social interaction. This had an impact upon me in my school years when interacting with both authority figures and peers could be very daunting, and has also impacted my adult years.

However my struggles have led me to analyse social situations that I am in or that I witness, and this has become of great interest to me. I can identify the types of situations that a person with Asperger’s will find difficult, and I can explain the true thoughts and feelings likely to be going through the minds of such people when they are struggling in social interactions.

In my personal experience, I find that many people who simply struggle socially, either don’t recognise their difficulties, or may simply not be able to clearly identify and pinpoint where their difficulties lie, or at least have problems explaining them. As a result, such people can often find themselves left out ‘in the cold’ socially speaking. In my talks I believe I am able speak in such a way as to represent such people, I am able to help explain what things to say and what things not to say and help you to provide the best ways of support.

I am available to speak to your team or organisation that works with people with Asperger’s Syndrome. If you wish to invite me to speak, please contact me with the details of your organisation and let me know what you would like me to speak on or the questions you would like me to answer. I look forward to meeting you.