Do you work in education and would you like to understand:

·    What you can do to help a child with Aspergers at school learn most effectively
·    What situations will cause someone with Aspergers to become anxious and why
·    Why someone with Aspegers is struggles socially at school or develops a social complex

and more? If so then you may benefit from booking me to give a talk to your organisation. As a person with Aspergers who has spent 14 years in mainstream education, I am able to speak from personal experience about the difficulties one faces, both in terms of learning needs and social support, and the best ways to help. I am able to identify the situations where a problem may arise, and help you to understand the feelings of a person with Aspergers and how best to deal with their worries and anxieties.

I am available to speak at your school or college, at teacher training sessions or to other groups involved in educating people with Asperger’s Syndrome. If you wish to invite me to speak, please contact me with the details of your organisation and let me know what you would like me to speak on or the questions you would like me to answer. I look forward to meeting you.